Wireless Security Cameras

Traditional CCTV systems have experienced a continued decline in use over the past 10 years, being steadily replaced by more effective network video systems. 

Clarity Wireless provide robust, high quality, cost effective IP based video surveillance cameras, able to work wired or wirelessly and can be added to your Clarity Wireless Wi-Fi network quickly and easily. As opposed to traditional CCTV systems, Wireless IP Security Cameras help you to monitor remote and difficult to reach areas of your site or even multiple sites across multiple locations. The simple user interface enables you to monitor, manage and record images from any location. This means you can even keep an eye on things from off-site locations over the Internet. 

We utilise the latest technology, ensuring your investment will provide a solution that does not quickly become obsolete. We also have the experience and expertise required for successful deployments of this kind of technology. Experience is everything as there are factors that affect the location and quantity of wireless equipment needed, such as the topographical location of the site and the location of existing buildings and infrastructure. We need to consider whether the site is on a gradient or whether there are trees located throughout the site.

Each installation of our IP Security Camera solution is accompanied by our usual high level of support and training on their use. This includes the necessary software that enables you to store and retrieve your images as well as view images from your computer anywhere in the world. 

Our experience in providing outdoor wireless services is one of our major unique selling points. Our staff have many years experience and expertise in installing and maintaining indoor and outdoor wireless networks. With Clarity Wireless as your wireless network providers, you can be confident of a reliable system with consistently strong signals and a user-friendly control system. Contact us for more information.

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