Outdoor Wireless Network Services

There are a number of challenges in order to achieve an effective, high quality outdoor wireless signal evenly across the site, but they are possible to overcome using our expertise and experience.

Whether a permanent or temporary Wi-Fi installation, the deployment of technology across an outdoor environment requires a specialised discipline due to the unique nature of the environment. Our experience in providing outdoor wireless services is one of our major unique selling points.

Clarity Wireless: Outdoor Wireless Network Specialists

Experience is everything as there are factors that affect the location and quantity of Wireless equipment needed, such as the topographical location of the site and the location of existing buildings and infrastructure. As outdoor wireless network specialists, we need to consider whether the site is on a gradient or whether there are trees located throughout the site.

We communicate with you throughout the process and will discuss every aspect of our solution, including:

  • The design, installation, and configuration of the network
  • How the authentication and billing works
  • How we monitor, support and maintain the network
  • How we support your customers
  • How you can charge your customers for Wi-Fi access

The Guest Management System

Our Guest Management System (GMS) forms part of the overall solution. The GMS automatically monitors the time allocated to each username or time-code and suspends the account when all the time purchased is used up or has expired.

The GMS also prevents users that aren’t authorised from accessing the wireless network by using Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA). For security, the integrated DHCP server and firewall with Denial of Service (DoS) Protection safeguards the network from malicious attacks and hackers.

Our Guest Management System ensures that your network can only be accessed by guests and assists with the 2009 anti-terror legislation requiring all organisations providing public internet access to log user name, address and IP address details.

With Clarity Wireless as your outdoor wireless network providers, you can be confident of a reliable system with consistently strong signals and a user-friendly control system. Contact us for more information.

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