Wireless Networks for Events

Successful events thrive on internal and external communications. Visitors, exhibitors and vendors need to talk to the outside world, whilst at the same time organisers need to communicate within the event itself.

Clarity Wireless offer scalable event Wi-Fi solutions, including short term hire of wireless equipment for both indoor and outdoor events. The solution includes supply, installation and support for your event throughout, whether you require a small Wi-Fi hotspot in a specific location, such as a hospitality area, to an event-wide wireless network solution for exhibitors, vendors and organisers to use.

Outdoor Wireless Networks for Events

For example, at Chris Evan's CarFest we provided separate networks for the event organisers, exhibitors and vendors, and the general public. The improved communications for the event organisers meant they could keep in touch with head office and suppliers whilst on-site. This helped with the overall efficiency and meant staff could get on-site sooner, rather than relying on office based staff to relay information. For the exhibitors and vendors, having an Internet connection meant they were able to promote their goods more effectively and take orders directly on-site.

Our complete solution enables you to focus on your event, leaving us to look after the technology for you.

The Guest Management System

Our Guest Management System (GMS) forms part of the overall solution. The GMS automatically monitors the time allocated to each username or time-code and suspends the account when all the time purchased is used up or has expired.

The GMS also prevents users that are not authorised from accessing the wireless network by using Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA). For security, the integrated DHCP server and firewall with Denial of Service (DoS) Protection safeguards the network from malicious attacks and hackers. Our Guest Management System ensures that your network can only be accessed by guests and assists with the 2009 anti-terror legislation, Lawful Intercept, requiring all organisations providing public internet access to log user name, address and IP address details.

Clarity Wireless are experienced as a provider of wireless networks for events. Contact us for more information on this and our other outdoor wifi solutions.

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