Wi-Fi Success At Carfest

Infinium IT pulled out the stops for Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans’ car festivals in August by providing Wi-Fi networks for more than 50,000 people visiting the events at Oulton Park in Cheshire and at Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire.

CarFest was created in 2012 by Chris Evans as a means to raise money for BBC Children in Need and to bring all his favourite things together in one family friendly festival – cars, music and food.

Infinium IT installed and provided Wi-Fi public networks for the two events this year. It also provided secure business Wi-Fi networks for the event organiser and companies trading at this year’s festival.  

Speaking about the project Peter Miles, Infinium IT’s managing director said:  “The team worked incredibly hard at both events and delivered a service that helped to add value to the festival goers’ experience.

“Since the event we have had lots of positive feedback from the organisers, Brand Events, and the BBC Radio 2 team for helping them deliver their services quicker and efficiently because of the robust network we installed. It was more than just providing a Wi-Fi service for visitors to the event – it was about helping these organisations and the exhibitors work more efficiently.  This was achieved because they had a network that enabled them to get the job done.

“Organisations now of any size rely on the internet as it has become a fundamental tool in helping deliver products or services and partnering with a company such as ours that understands what they need is critical. Being part of the festivals has been hugely satisfying from a work perspective but with an added bonus that we played a part in helping to deliver successful events that raised money for such a worthwhile cause.”

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