Infinium IT helps Welsh town stay safe

Infinium IT’s wireless brand, Clarity Wireless, has successfully helped a Welsh seaside town to keep its residents safe.

Its experts were called in to Barmouth by volunteer group Gwarchod Bermo Watch.  The organisation was set up in 2005 in response to growing incidents of anti-social behaviour across the town, particularly during peak holiday seasons.

The group was able to secure funding back in 2005 for a CCTV network across the town run entirely by volunteers, which included cameras and recording equipment set up at various locations throughout the town, designed to provide evidence to police when an incident took place.

The network, which has resulted in a large drop in the number of incidents since its installation, was in 2013 proving to be restrictive due to its disparate nature, and so the group asked Infinium IT to create a well planned network that could be accessed from a single point at any time.

Infinium IT came up with a solution that would allow existing camera traffic to be centred back to a designated location, which is easier and more efficient to manage.  As well as this, it created a backbone that will support future expansion of the network.  Its experts are now also providing on-going support services.

Richard Summers, sales director at Infinium IT said: “Many businesses and organisations are running on old networks, so it’s important to have them looked at regularly to make sure they are operating as well as they could.  There are many ways to make improvements that an independent audit could identify.

“This CCTV network is vital to the town ofBarmouthin its fight against anti-social behaviour and so it was necessary to create a future proofed system in order to allow it to continue its great work. Our team was able to install the network quickly, allowing the service to be resumed without interruption.”

Deana Fisher from Gwarchod Bermo Watch said: “Infinium IT has done an amazing job.  I would recommend them highly, they are very professional and are available with advice if needed, which is really reassuring. The installation went like clockwork.

“Apart from Barmouth Town Council and a small percentage of Barmouth business people we don’t receive funding from anywhere else, and are not eligible for any grants.  We know that for between £3000 and £5000 we could make the system even more amazing as it would enable us to replace the old DVRs and cameras.  We are always looking at new ways to raise the funds and we would be grateful for any donations.”



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